Malnutrition in all its forms

“Malnutrition in all its forms” offers a deep and detailed dive into the vast world of malnutrition, addressing each of its types and manifestations. From deficit malnutrition, also known as undernutrition, to malnutrition by imbalance and malnutrition by excess, each lesson focuses on providing the student with a comprehensive and detailed overview of this global problem.

At NyH0 we want to be your gateway to enter the world of Cooperation. You can start by doing volunteer work, functional and of a professional nature, that is, covering specific needs in an organisation, always working from a critical analysis, scientific perspective, observation, respect and empathy.

Throughout the course, we will break down the hierarchy of malnutrition, outlining the different types of malnutrition and delving into the forms of malnutrition, their causes and short- and long-term consequences. We detail specific diagnostic criteria for each form of malnutrition and provide the necessary tools to interpret anthropometric indicators and clinical manifestations.

Beyond theory, the course “malnutrition in all its forms” promotes practical skills.

The rhythm of study is flexible, adjusting to the time that each student can dedicate to it. In addition, this course is complemented by a series of extra resources and videos, for those who wish to delve even deeper into the topics covered. Access is for LIFETIME.

You will learn to:

– Identify the different types of malnutrition.

– Distinguish between the different undernutrition disorders.

– Apply specific diagnostic tools and techniques.

– Deduce the type of nutritional disorder and its degree of severity.

– Recognise the most frequent complications of undernutrition disorders and the characteristic clinical signs of the main micronutrient deficiencies.

– Among other issues related to malnutrition.

It is suitable for:

Nutritionists, other health professionals and any other professional with an interest in malnutrition, International Cooperation and Global Health; this course is an essential tool for those looking to make a difference in the fight against malnutrition.

Method of evaluation:

– Practical examples (review of concepts addressed throughout the content).

– Case study (implementation and practice of what has been learnt).

– Preparatory exam 1 (validation of assimilated concepts).

– Preparatory exam 2 (to consolidate concepts).

– Final exam.


Support through our internal messaging system (resolution of doubts about the contents and exercises).


Diploma with curricular validity at the end of the course.


Extra tutoring/advising service for major doubts, advice for final degree or master’s degree projects, support in the preparation of scientific articles, in the preparation of surveys or other concerns.


  1. Introduction
  2. Malnutrition
  3. Types of malnutrition
    1. Undernutrition
      1. Wasting
      2. Stunting
      3. Underweight
      4. Low birth weight
      5. Occasional or continuous deficiencies of minerals and vitamins (hidden hunger)
      6. Institutional undernutrition (hospital, geriatric…) or undernutrition secondary to illness.
      7. Causes and consequences of primary undernutrition
    2. Malnutrition due to imbalance
    3. Malnutrition by excess
  4. Double burden of malnutrition
  5. Conclusions and key points
Curso La Malnutrición en todas sus formas

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